Practice Areas

Practice Areas


Estate Planning

Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Living Wills, Health Care Surrogates


Business Administration

Service Contracts, Invoice Terms, Construction Contracts, Leases, Employment Contracts, Loan Agreements


Business Incorporation and Sale

Operating Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, Articles of Incorporation, Buy-Sell Agreements


Real Estate

Real Estate Contracts, Promissory Notes, Mortgages, Deeds


Business Legal Advice

Growth guidance and asset protection


Dispute Resolution

Mediation Representation, Arbitration Representation, Business/Construction/Real Estate/Owed Money Lawsuit Representation


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“Very professional with the personal touch.”

- Star Drouse

“These folks are very personable and super sharp. They will really defend you and make every effort to get you whole. They are tenacious and fierce when it comes to being on YOUR side.”- Jimmy Mack

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Plan and prepare now to protect your legacy for your loved ones tomorrow. The time you spend today will save your heirs countless time and money while ensuring the people and causes that you care about most benefit in exactly the way that you choose.