About Us

Our History

Schuett Law Group was founded in 2001 with focus on individual representation in estate planning and business representation through contracts, disputes and litigation. Schuett Law Group navigates the complex field of factors that will affect how your estate is handled, including finances, possessions, blended families, the benefits of trusts versus inheritance gifts, power of attorney and living wills.


Why Choose Us?

Why do I need an attorney?

There are three types of property: real estate (homestead), cash (bank accounts, stocks, life insurance, etc), and privately held companies.  Each of these types of property has numerous documents involved in proper ownership and disbursement, and the only way to guarantee that these documents are prepared to pass outside of probate is to work with an attorney who has extensive experience in estate planning.

What kind of experience does Schuett Law Group have?

Schuett Law Group has over twenty years of experience in document preparation, review and trials. Our history of fighting for the rights of individuals and businesses has provided an immense knowledge and understanding of asset protection and estate planning.

Why is creating/having a trust important?

A trust can save your heirs time and money when you die and offers control over your estate that a will, alone, cannot ensure. Trusts are structured to distribute assets not only to whom you choose, but determine how and when those heirs receive assets.