Intellectual Property


Few things in life are more rewarding than the recognition of someone’s creative idea becoming a reality. There is a distinct sense of accomplishment that can only be felt when an original work is realized, and keeping ownership of that work is something most creators desire. When going to register for a trademark or copyright, it can sometimes become confusing for the creator to decipher everything that needs to be done. Once all the papers are filed, there is then the constant fear that someone might steal the work anyways, which brings up the issue of defending the filing.

At the Schuett Law Group, we understand creativity is what leads to great innovation and strive to offer the best service when it comes to intellectual property. The lawyers at our firm have worked on a plethora of high value intellectual property cases as well as simpler tasks such as trademark registration.

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Areas of practice include:

  • Trademark
  • Copyright
  • Technology